Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Swag Bucks Tips and Tricks

From 0, to earning up to 10 to 50 SwagBucks points EACH DAY, here are some tips that are sure to GET you that IPOD, PSP, Digital Cameras, or Amazon and Istore Gift Cards that you have been saving for: 1. The BEST way to earn Swag Bucks Points is to get your frends to help you out. Sign them up from your Referral Link and encourage them to use the search engine. You will get EACH, that's right, EACH point that your friend / referral gets from the searches (ranges from 1-3, 5, 10, 50 and 100 points!). Each of those friends signed under your referral has a potential AVERAGE of gaining 1-5 points each day. Add them up together, and that's a TOTAL of 10 - 50 or MORE points EACH day!

2. The most accessible way to gain points are to find SwagBucks Codes. These codes can generally be found on Twitter, Facebook Wall, and SwagBucks Links. Veteran members can easily spot these codes. So how do they spot it? The trick is to use a Widget.

3. The third BEST wa y of gaining points is by using the SwagBucks.com Search Engine. The key here is to 'REGULARLY' use their engine. FREQUENCY of searches, and/or CLICKS of sponsors at one time will not increase your chances of getting a point. The trick here, is to use their search engine every 6 hours or so. Like most people, I use the engine once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and then at night time just before hitting the sack. You can get as much as 1-3, 5, 10, 50 or 100 Swag Bucks Points!

4. the POLLS! If you're POLL question gets chosen, you get 10 hard SwagBucks Points! Ask yourself, "What POLL QUESTIONS would I personally answer if I were to see one?"

5. Putting up VIDEOS on Youtube. After getting your very first IPOD, or IPHONE from SwagBucks, post up videos with your referral links on em. You'd be amazed how many prospectives you can attract with this method!

and finally, my last yet least favorable way of gainin g points,

6. The LESS popular Toolbar. You will have VERY easy access to your account, Swag Codes at your fingertips, and have the handy, dandy search bar just waiting for you at all time. The toolbar may also remind you to use SwagBucks regularly. Yes that's all true.. The only drawback, is that even after it's official release, there are still some major bugs. I would still go for the old fashion way, and use the search engine found at SwagBucks.com

So start searching, Find some Codes, and You will have that IPOD/GIFT CARDS that you have been saving for!

~ Swag Bucks Tips and Tricks ~



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